The Sustainable Seas Foundation raise awareness and conduct advocacy work regarding the situation in the Baltic Sea and what needs to be done. Our network includes scientist, industry, organisations, municipalities, government agencies and individuals that all share our commitment to the Baltic Sea.  

By means of mobile and digital exhibitions, seminars, tv broadcasts and our visits to ports around the Baltic Sea, we communicate the scientist´s latest findings to inform and generate debate, and to show how we can reduce the environmental degradation of the Baltic Sea. Our goal is to influence individuals and policy makers to make the right decisions to save the Baltic Sea.


The Sustainable Seas Foundation is the originator of the "Baltic Sea Future 2017 - innovation, vision and leadership for a sustainable Baltic Sea region". In collaboration with the City of Stockholm and the University of Stockholm, we invite 1500 mayers from the nine coutries surrounding the Baltic Sea, the municipal officials, scientists and representatives from the business community to an annual two day event. The aim is to find ways to speed progress towards a healthier Baltic Sea.

The first conference will take place 6-7 of March 2017.