This is what the Sustainable Seas Foundation is working for

We want to make certain that the Baltic Sea, in the future, will be a healthy and living sea that we can, with good conscience, pass on to coming generations.

We want to create understanding for the Baltic Sea´s situation and what must be done to save our beautiful inland sea.

We want to teach young people and adults to appreciate and take care of the Baltic Sea so that we can carry out the measures demanded to create a healthy and living inland sea.

We want to influence and encourage decision makers and companies to take the best actions possible to save the Baltic Sea.


A starting point for the Sustainable Seas Foundation is to gather interested parties from politics, science and industry, as well as NGO´s. But in order to make a difference, we must also reach out to the general public.

Our goal is to put more pressure on decision makers, but even to point out what every private individual can contribute with. Increased knowledge will create active interest and the possibility of influencing and making active personal choices.

The Sustainable Seas Initiative aims at becoming a uniting force for the most important interested parties working for the Baltic Sea by:

  • Distributing knowledge on the condition of the Baltic
  • Passing out information concerning what authorities and organizations are doing
  • Demonstrating what must be done
  • Showing what you as an individual can do
  • Illustrating what the risks are if nothing is done